Professional Development

Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an aid to help employees manage their own careers here at AHCCCS. It allows employees to initiate and facilitate a discussion of growth and development with their supervisors, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Leadership Development

Leadership is cultivated and fine-tuned through the Leadership Planning Process. The process utilizes the Uncovered Employee Annual Planner in conjunction with leadership training courses as the basis for discussing the leader’s performance, growth, and development.

DMS Network Café

The DMS Network Café is a website dedicated to continuous learning in which the content is delivered in an electronic format. The Café provides many learning opportunities through more than 300 tutorials. The tutorials offer professional and technical training. The DMS Network Café also offers espresso learning, which are five minute training tutorials that can easily fit into any busy day.

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn

Human Resources and Development sponsors free, monthly lunchtime training sessions that are available to all employees. The sessions discuss general topics like leadership, communication, and interviewing skills.

Arizona Learning Center

The Arizona Learning Center (ALC) offers more than 30 statewide courses in 10 major categories. These classes are available to all state employees. The ALC also hosts over 90 agency computer based training (CBT) courses for employees in those specific agencies.

  • Supervisor Academy – The supervisor academy provides additional training to those in a leadership role. The courses available in the academy teach the leadership skills that supervisors utilize daily.
  • Development courses – The ALC provides a variety of courses in different topics to allow employees to further develop their skills. There are several course categories including computer systems, communications and law.


Employees have access to webinars on a multitude of topics. The webinars can be streamed to groups or taken on an individual basis.


Looking to improve your public speaking, leadership, and interviewing skills? AHCCCS to Success Toastmasters Club can help! Toastmasters is a friendly and supportive club that allows employees to improve their communication, listening and leadership skills.

Professional DevelopmentOther Training

There is also division and position specific training available. The training can either be classroom or CBT courses that further prepare employees for their role(s) within the agency.