AHCCCS Technical Interface Guidelines (TIG)


Program Contractor Interface - Remote Elderly and/or Physically Disabled (E/PD) Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) Print Process



This process systematically generates copies of PAS reports at Maricopa County and Pima County Program Contractor sites. The PAS is a record of an ALTC member's pre-admission medical screening. The Program Contractor case managers will use an initial PAS report as a guide in determining an appropriate Case Management Plan for the member. The case manager will use the reassessment PAS as a guide to modify the existing Case Management Plan.



  • Batch Process runs daily after 6:00 p.m.. The process selects all pre-admission screening records processed in the online system prior to 6:00 p.m. on the current day.



Maricopa County receives the PAS reports as a formatted report file. The process utilizes host-to-host file transmission via a dedicated line between Maricopa County and the ADOA-DC mainframe. Pima County has an ITT dot matrix printer defined as a systems printer to the ADOA-DC mainframe. The reports print on this printer. Pima County is linked to ADOA-DC by the SNA protocol supported by an IBM 3270 controller, modem and a dedicated communications line.



The following reports are generated via this process:

  • E/PD PAS Report Contains detailed information of the applicant's PAS. Maricopa County receives the reports in a formatted report file. Pima County's reports print on a printer at their site.
  • E/PD No PAS Transmitted Report This report indicates to the Program Contractor that no initial assessments or reassessments occurred on the current processing day. Maricopa County receives this report in a sequential print file. Pima County's reports print on a printer at their site.



Prior to production implementation, Program Contractor interfaces must successfully complete the following testing stages:

  • Stage 1 Systems Testing as documented in a formal test plan, performed by the Program Contractor technical staff and ISD ALTCS staff.
  • Stage 2 User Acceptance Testing performed by Division of Member Services staff.