Safety Net Care Pool Payments

Funding through the Safety Net Care Pool (SNCP) is open to all Arizona hospitals, including rural hospitals, safety net hospitals and hospitals receiving Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments. The nonfederal match must be provided by a political subdivision. This program gives local governments, like counties, cities or special healthcare districts, the ability to directly support hospital systems in their communities.

As approved, the SNCP will provide $332 million each year for two years to three participating hospitals – Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and University Medical Center. The program terminates January 1, 2014.

Notice of SNCP Funding Opportunities

Hospitals that would like to participate in this program should contact Monica Coury at

Model IGA document for the Safety Net Care Pool  [PDF]

Coverage for KidsCare II
Approval of the SNCP also opens the door to additional coverage for children in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), known as KidsCare in Arizona. KidsCare enrollment has been frozen since January 1, 2010. The approval of SNCP permits the three participating hospitals – Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and University Medical Center – to apportion some of their political subdivision dollars toward coverage for 21,700 children in what is being called “KidsCare II.” KidsCare II is a statewide program with the same benefits offered and the same premium requirements as regular KidsCare. Coverage for KidsCare II will also be handled by the same AHCCCS health plans. Additionally, KidsCare II children are not limited to receiving their healthcare services at the participating SNCP hospitals. For more information, visit the KidsCare section of the AHCCCS website at

Federalizing Prop. 202 Trauma/Emergency Department Fund
Proposition 202 is a fund that assists Arizona hospitals with the cost of operating trauma centers and Emergency Departments. Currently, this funding pool distributes approximately $20 million annually to Arizona hospitals. Approval of the SNCP will add just over $13 million in new federal funds that will be directed primarily to rural hospitals, and also to hospitals with Emergency Departments and trauma centers across the State to assist these facilities in managing their uncompensated care costs.

Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) are rural community hospitals that meet defined criteria outlined in the Conditions of Participation, 432CFR-485 and subsequent legislative refinements to the program through the BBA, BIPA, and Medicare Modernization Act. The Arizona State Legislature has directed AHCCCS to allocate additional funds appropriated in the annual state budget.


This program was approved under the State’s Section 1115 Research and Demonstration Waiver.

Scheduled Payment Dates

Safety Net Care Pool payments are made throughout the year, depending upon the timing of Intergovernmental agreements with local partners.

Federalized Prop 202 Trauma and Emergency Departments funds will occur in August/September of 2012 and 2013.

Payment History by State Fiscal Year (SFY)

2014 - 2012 [PDF]

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