YH12-0023 - Arizona Health Insurance Exchange (AZHIX)

On November 28, 2011, the Governor’s Office of the State of Arizona was awarded an Establishment Level One federal grant to further plan, design and develop the Arizona Health Insurance Exchange (AZ-HIX). The AZ-HIX will use these funds to build upon the State’s existing IT platform for the online eligibility and enrollment system and augment them with solutions that provide capability that is not currently part of the State’s IT assets. The goal is to leverage the current IT assets and buy key component solutions and services to round out the State’s already robust capabilities.

The main RFP information is contained in the Solicitation document below. The Appendices sections contains all supporting documents associated with the RFP. Unless otherwise noted, all document are in Portable Document Format (PDF).

AZ Health Insurance Exchange (AZHIX) RFP Solicitation [903KB]


Appendix A - High Level Process Flow Diagrams [308KB]
Appendix B - General Requirements [163KB]
   Appendix B1 - Plan Management Requirements  [Word File] [1437KB]
   Appendix B2 - Plan Selection Requirements  [Word File] [304KB]
   Appendix B3 - SHOP Requirements  [Word File] [349KB]
   Appendix B4 - Financial Management Requirements  [Word File] [250KB]
   Appendix B5 - Consumer Support Requirements  [Word File] [488KB]
   Appendix B6 - Grievance Complaint Appeals Management Requirements  [Word File] [344KB]
   Appendix B7 - Master Data Management Requirements  [Word File] [232KB]
   Appendix B8 - Reporting Data Warehouse Requirements  [Word File] [251KB]
   Appendix B9 - e-Learning Requirements  [Word File] [163KB]
Appendix C - Offeror Plan [107KB]
Appendix D - Pricing Template  [Excel File] [189KB]
Appendix E - Organizational Capacity [108KB]
Appendix F - Resumes of Key Personnel [43KB]
Appendix G - Client References [Word File] [137KB]
Appendix H - Offeror Financial Disclosure  [Word File] [67KB]
Appendix I - Letter of Credit [42KB]
Appendix J - Offeror Certificate of Insurance [Word File] [75KB]
Appendix K - AZ Eligibility Estimates May 2011 [754KB]
Appendix L - AZ-TIPS Data Model Excerpt [110KB]
Appendix M - Escrow Agreement [185KB]
Appendix N - Offeror's Check List [Word File] [111KB]