AHCCCS Closed Solicitations

Closed Solicitations are Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Information (RFIs), and Requests for Quotes (RFQs) that are past their due date or were canceled.

This information is provided for reference use only.

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise noted.

YH15-0011 - Specialty Pharmacy Services for Anti-Hemophilic and Other Blood Disorder Medications - CANCELLED

  • Effective 7/10/2015, RFP #YH15-0011 has been cancelled. Please contact Jennifer Roberts at Jennifer.Roberts@azahcccs.gov for questions regarding this notice.

YH15-0018 – Third Party Eligibility Verification Services

YH14-0042 – Data Analytics Solution for Program Integrity

YH14-0038 -RFP for Anti-Hemophilic and Other Blood Disorder Agents & Related Services - CANCELLED

  • Effective 7/8/2014, RFP # YH14-0038 has been cancelled. Please contact Jennifer Roberts at Jennifer.Roberts@azahcccs.gov for questions regarding this notice.

YH14-0017 – Data Analytics Solution for Program Integrity

YH14-0008 – Broker for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services

YH14-0033 – Healthcare/Financial Consultant Services

YH14-0007 – Healthcare/Financial Consultant Services - CANCELLED

Effective 10/2/2013, RFP # YH14-0007 has been cancelled and will be reissued in the near future. Please check back for notice of re-issuance of this solicitation in the coming weeks. Please contact Jennifer Roberts at Jennifer.Roberts@azahcccs.gov for questions regarding this notice.

YH14-0003 External Quality Review Organizations (EQRO)

YH13-0032 – Third Party Liability and Recovery Audit Services

YH13-0038 – Medical and Quality Management Reviews

YH13-0040 – Request for Demonstration for Member and Provider Identification and Verification Systems Services

YH14-0001 - Acute Care/CRS RFP Information

The Acute Care/CRS Request for Proposal (RFP) is now open. Use the link below to view the RFP information and the associated Bidder's Library of documents:

YH14-0001 Acute Care/CRS RFP

YH 13-0037 – RFP for Healthcare IT Consultants

YH13-0005 - RFI for Data Warehouse Enhancements

The state of Arizona is interested in gathering information regarding optimization of the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools within our environment; this could include the purchase of hardware/software consulting service. However, we are especially interested in understanding how we could leverage existing infrastructure with additional components for a seamless and transparent product.

YH13-0009 - Managed Care Recovery Audit Services

AHCCCS is exploring what opportunities may exist in the marketplace regarding a methodology for conducting a recovery audit of its services delivered through its managed care contracts (excluding reinsurance).

YH12-0049 - Information Technology Services for Quality Management

AHCCCS is requesting information regarding certified solutions for current quality measures sets, such as HEDIS. More importantly, AHCCCS is interested in learning more about such vendors that are forward thinking and are in the process of developing systems capable of accepting data from claims and encounters but also from newly developing technologies such as electronic health records, registries, and health information exchanges and utilizing the data to calculate and report results for the various new measure sets that are developed and implemented by CMS for the Medicaid, CHIP and the dual Medicare/Medicaid populations.

YH12-0023 - Health Insurance Exchange

On November 28, 2011, the Governor’s Office of the State of Arizona was awarded an Establishment Level One federal grant to further plan, design and develop the Arizona Health Insurance Exchange (AZ-HIX). The AZ-HIX will use these funds to build upon the State’s existing IT platform for the online eligibility and enrollment system and augment them with solutions that provide capability that is not currently part of the State’s IT assets. The goal is to leverage the current IT assets and buy key component solutions and services to round out the State’s already robust capabilities.

YH12-0034 - Fee-For-Service Pharmacy Benefit Management Request for Proposal

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from experienced, responsible and financially sound pharmacy benefit management (PBM) Contractors to manage the FFS pharmacy benefit.

YH12-0007 - Program Integrity Consulting Services

YH12-0013 - Health Insurance Exchange: Commercial Component/Interface

YH11-0030 - Fraud Reduction and Program Integrity within AHCCCS

YH12-0001 - Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)

  • Due Date: April 1, 2011, 3:00 P.M. MST
  • The ALTCS RFP (including future amendments) is available in the General section of the Bidder's Library.
  • Bidder's Library

YH09-0026 - Identification Card Printing and Mailing Services

YH11-0001 AHCCCS Drug Rebate Program

YH10-0002 - Program Integrity

YH10-0004 - Specialty Pharmacy Drugs and Services Program

YH10-0019 - Third Party Administrator for the Medicaid School-Based Claiming Program

YH09-0043 Fraud Reduction an Program Integrity within AHCCCS

YH09-0041- 340B Designated Pharmacy for Specialty Drug Product Dispensing, Distribution and Care Coordination

YH08-0009 - Third Party Liability Services

YH09-0001 - AHCCCS Acute Care Services

YH07-0001 - Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) Elderly & Physically Disabled (E/PD) Contract for Program Contractors


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