About MyFamilyBenefits DES/FAA Website

If you have recently applied for or you are receiving medical, Nutrition Assistance, or cash benefits from DES/FAA, you can now create an account at the MyFamilyBenefits web site. You will need your AZTECS case number to create a personal, secured account that allows you to:

  • View your scheduled appointment information.
  • View the status of your application.
  • View your program benefit and eligibility status information.
  • Report the following changes on-line:
    • Add new persons in the home to your case
    • Update information about household members (marital status, pregnancy status, hospitalization, death, U.S. citizenship, moved out, etc.)
    • Address, telephone number(s), or e-mail address
    • Housing and shelter expenses
    • Utility expenses
    • Employer or wages
    • Child care expenses
    • Other money received
    • Other changes you want to report
    • View a history of changes you reported through MyFamilyBenefits

MyFamilyBenefits is available in both English and Spanish.