KidsCare Population Statistics

KidsCare is Arizona's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Beginning January, 2009, the KidsCare population reports are recompiled monthly on a cumulative basis covering the calendar year to date.

Note: Information provided in PDF files.

KidsCare Population As of March 1, 2014

Population Demographics (This report is issued quarterly.)

Information is provided on the KidsCare and HIFA Parent population by ethnicity, gender and age.

Denials & Discontinuances

This report provides data on denials and discontinuances categorized by the reason for the action for both the KidsCare and HIFA Parents.

Enrollment by County

This report identifies the KidsCare population by County. The report also provides information on the KidsCare population by enrollment type: capitated plans and AIHP.

KidsCare Eligibility Office Activity

This summary report provides current and historical data for KidsCare application activity such as hotline calls, applications received, applicants moving to or from DES, first of the month population and AHCCCS determined Medicaid eligibility.

Premiums & Fees

This chart summarizes the premiums billed and collected along with parent enrollment fees for both the KidsCare and HIFA Parent population.

Previous Reports

If you are looking for previous reports, please visit the historical index page.


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