Arizona Section 1115 Demonstration Project Waiver

The 1115 Waiver refers to section 1115 of the Social Security Act (SSA). States must comply with Title XIX (Medicaid) and Title XXI (Children's Health Insurance Program) of the SSA. Since Arizona began providing Medicaid on October 1, 1982, AHCCCS has been exempt from specific provisions of the SSA, pursuant to an 1115 Research and Demonstration Waiver.

What is in the 1115 Waiver

Arizona's 1115 Waiver includes the following:

  • Provisions in the SSA and corresponding regulations AHCCCS is exempt from
  • Terms and conditions that AHCCCS must fulfill
  • Approved federal budget amounts

Pending Waivers

AHCCCS continues to work with CMS on various pending waiver requests. Continue to check the website for updates as developments occur.

  1. Cost Sharing
    At the direction of the Arizona State Legislature and upon CMS approval, AHCCCS is proposing to impose mandatory cost sharing on the Expansion Population of:
    • A premium of not more than two percent of the person's household income.
    • A copayment of two hundred dollars for nonemergency use of an emergency room if the person is not admitted to the hospital.
    • A copayment of two hundred dollars for nonemergency use of an emergency room if there is a community health center, rural health center or urgent care center within twenty miles of the hospital.
    AHCCCS is accepting public comments through March 14, 2014 on the proposal found on the link below:
    Cost Sharing Proposal DRAFT 2/11/14
  2. Behavioral Health Integration
    AHCCCS is proposing to expand integrated health care service delivery by allowing the Greater Arizona RBHAs to provide physical and behavioral health care services to individuals with Serious Mental Illness in order to maximize care coordination statewide. AHCCCS is accepting public comments through March 24, 2014 on the proposal at the link below. See the Public Comment section below for instructions on how to send comments on this proposal.
    Greater AZ RBHA DRAFT 2/20/14
  3. Medical Homes at I.H.S. and 638 facilities
    AHCCCS is requesting authority to support a Medical Home Program for the FFS population receiving services at Indian Health Services and 638 facilities. More information is included in the proposal below.
    REVISED Proposal to CMS 4-15-14
    Medical Home Proposal to CMS 8-11-11

Public Comment

AHCCCS is accepting comments regarding the requests and can be submitted in any of the following ways:

Attn: Office of Intergovernmental Relations
801 E. Jefferson St., MD 4200
Phoenix, AZ 85034