Children's Services

AHCCCS is committed to providing accessible behavioral health services designed to aid children in achieving success in school. Behavioral health planning, when it involves the school, is beneficial to the child/student because it leads to improved communication and trust through shared information, resources, and responsibilities.


In collaboration with the child and family and others, the public behavioral health system will provide accessible behavioral health services designed to aid children to avoid delinquency.

Mentally Ill Kids In Distress (MIKID)*
Phoenix (Maricopa County), Yuma (Yuma County), Casa Grande(Pinal County) , Kingman (Mohave County), Nogales (Santa Cruz County)


MIKID focuses on the strengths of the parents and families and provides support to those raising and caring for children with complex needs. Operates a youth peer support program and other services for young adults. Currently undergoing licensing for out-patient services.
(602) 253-1240
Dick Geasland, CEO
Employs: 115
Serves Daily: 85-90 families
Sites operated: 5

Programs offered:
  • Individual/Group Counseling
  • Case Management; Respite
  • Individual/Group Skills Training
  • Youth Summits
  • Youth Peer Support
  • Peer Support training
  • Youth Council groups/ACERS
  • Wellness Program
  • Family Support
  • Family Support Groups
  • Trainings offered in the community and MIKID (OPTIONS, CHRONIC DISEASE SELF MANAGEMENT, MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID, and Cultural Competency 101 training)
  • Pre-job Training
  • Transportation

Family Involvement Center
Phoenix (Maricopa County), Prescott Valley (Yavapai County)


FIC is a family run organization that has played a major role in developing a new system of care for children with emotional, physical or behavioral health needs. FIC promotes the family members of the child as the most important members of the team who are best able to meet their needs. They operate a telephone help line: the Parent Assistance Center (PAC).
(602) 288-0155
Jane Kallal, CEO
Employs: 54 (70% of staff is mobile)
Serves Daily: 240 (includes parents and youth)
Sites operated: 2

Programs offered:
  • Parental Peer Support
  • Youth Mentoring Services
  • Transportation
  • Interpretation
  • Training/Education/Skills Building
  • Respite
  • Care Coordination