Available Health Plans

All health plans cover the same services, but each may work with different doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and other providers. Health Plans differ depending on where you live in Arizona. There are health plans in every county. When picking a health plan:

  1. Find out which plan contracts with your doctor (you can call your doctor's office)
  2. Contact each health plan for more information (you can look up the providers on their websites, or call their member services)

All AHCCCS Applicants (including American Indians)

Applicants may choose a health plan that serves the area where they live.

American Indian Applicants Only

If you are American Indian, you can enroll in an AHCCCS Health Plan or the American Indian Health Program (AIHP). You can also get medical services through any of the following:

  • Indian Health Service Facilities;
  • Tribally Operated Facilities;
  • Urban Clinics (ITUs).