Public Notices and Opportunities for Public Comment

This page lists public notices, announcements and meetings relating to the AHCCCS program. Topics seeking public input, including instructions for submitting public comments, are indicated under each area.

Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) members and families: Give us your input on the person-centered service planning process. Person-centered service planning supports ALTCS members in planning and creating the life they want through services and supports.

AHCCCS is evaluating and revising person-centered service planning standards, practices and forms. We want to improve support for community integration so that members have full access to the benefits of community living. This initiative is part of the State’s plan to comply with the new Home and Community Based Settings Rules. Share your thoughts about the following:

  • How does the current process support individuals to plan and create the life they want?
  • How can we ensure the new process supports community integration for ALTCS members?
Person-Centered Service Planning Public Forum Flyer
  • Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) – Reporting Requirements
    • AHCCCS is requesting public comments regarding AHCCCS registered OTPs. Each OTP site is required to submit required plans and the checklist on November 15 of each year. AHCCCS will post these reports on its website for public comment for a period of 30 days and the city or town in which an OTP is located shall be notified of the posting of the documentation and be provided 30 days to supply comment to AHCCCS. .

      Please provide your comments, questions or concerns to

  • Arizona 2022 Combined Block Grant Application DRAFT
    • AHCCCS/DGA is requesting public comments regarding the 2022 Combined Block Grant Application. The goal of the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG) and the Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG) is to provide substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment services, as well as mental health services, to Arizona's priority populations.

      Please provide your comments, questions or concerns to

ACOM and AMPM Policies and related materials that have been opened for review/revisions and will serve to provide Tribal Consultation Notification/Public Comment can be found at the below location. This location allows stakeholders to review and submit comments regarding proposed revisions. The Policies will be open for comment for not more than 45 days unless otherwise stipulated. Should an expedited time period be utilized, the expedited time period will not be less than two weeks. The comment deadline will be specified on each document.

Tribal Consultation Notification/Public Comment

To receive a notification when policies are available for public comment, and when policies are published to the AHCCCS website, please sign up for constant contact email notification by clicking the Sign up for Notifications button below.

Note: Federal law only requires notices of final rates for hospital services, nursing facility services and the services of Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. For this reason, AHCCCS is not required to prepare final notices for all other services.


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