Office of Human Rights

The Office of Human Rights (OHR), within the AHCCCS Division of Community Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations, is established under Arizona Administrative Code R9-21-104 and responsible for providing assistance to AHCCCS members living with Serious Mental Illness. The OHR works within the Medicaid agency to promote the rights of members and ensure access to entitled services under Arizona’s Medicaid program. The OHR is directly responsible for ensuring that members who are identified as in need of Special Assistance are promptly identified and formally assigned a designated representative to assist them in participating in treatment planning, discharge planning, the SMI appeal, grievance and investigation processes. Statewide, OHR currently employs 16 Advocates, one Lead Advocate for Maricopa County, one Lead Advocate for greater Arizona (GSA 7&8), one Data and Policy Manager, one Conflict Advocate, and one Advocacy Administrator

OHR Mission

Providing advocacy to individuals with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) to help them understand, protect and exercise their rights, facilitate self-advocacy through education and obtain access to behavioral health services in the public behavioral health system in Arizona.

AHCCCS Member Assistance

OHR is available to provide technical assistance to all SMI members in Arizona. Currently, state-employed advocates are assigned to approximately 2 percent of the SMI population through the Special Assistance identification and assignment process. An additional 5 percent are represented by court appointed guardians or natural supports who also receive ongoing support from OHR as needed. The OHR advocates work with the members and families to promote self-advocacy and behavioral health education. The advocate’s goal is to empower the member and/or the member’s natural support to navigate the behavioral health system independently.

Educational and Self-advocacy Resources

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