NEMT Providers 
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NEMT Providers

NEMT Registered Providers:

  • This links to a complete list of registered NEMT Providers. The list is categorized by providers who have been issued a Tribal Business License by each Tribe. Please note: A provider could be listed multiple times if they were issued a Tribal Business License from more than one tribe. This list will be updated monthly and will include the most recent post date.
  • Tribal Business License list Revised: 1/6/2023

NEMT Billing Instructions & Exhibits for FFS:

NEMT Billing Instructions & Exhibits for IHS:

NEMT Provider & Process Changes:

  • At this time AHCCCS is currently in the process of consultation with the Tribes to pursue the development of an ‘RFP’ for a Transportation Broker and as such AHCCCS is not expanding the Non-Emergency network at this time. AHCCCS will continue to post updated developments to the website regarding Non-emergency Transportation Providers.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Recertification Training:

  • Beginning April of 2022 provider type (PT) 28, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation business owners will be required to complete a certification training to re-register through the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal (APEP) as an active AHCCCS registered provider.

    Provider Type 28 business owners should anticipate additional communication from AHCCCS on the steps necessary to complete this training including how to access the training material as well as how to provide documentation of its completion during the revalidation process via APEP. This communication as well as reminders will continue to be sent closer to the rollout date which we anticipate in mid-April.

    The NEMT Recertification Training for business owners only is open from April 11, 2022 through June 11, 2022. If you have questions regarding the NEMT Recertification Training business owners may email the provider training team at:

AHCCCS Provider Enrollment:

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