AHCCCS Population Statistics

As of June 1, 2024

AHCCCS Population Highlights

The AHCCCS Population Highlights provides detailed information regarding the number of members in the AHCCCS population receiving full Medicaid benefits. This category also provides statistics on those populations not eligible for full services, but fall into different categories of eligibility that receive limited health services through AHCCCS. Previous monthly reports for this year may be found in the AHCCCS Document Archive.


AHCCCS Initial Applications

The AHCCCS Initial Applications provides information about the number of initial applications received in the month from all sources. Applications approved, and applications denied reflect eligibility decisions completed during the month however, the application processed may have been received in the current or a prior month. Each individual applying for medical benefits is counted as an application even if the individual is part of a larger household. This data only reflects new applications and does not include renewals or changes.


Population by Category (The agency's official report)

The AHCCCS Population by Category provides information about people who qualify for AHCCCS. This section is broken down by category and fall into a category based on how they qualify for Medicaid. Populations are defined in this section.


Population by County

The AHCCCS Population by County provides a summary by County and includes AHCCCS Acute Care, KidsCare, and Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS) members.


Population by Health Care Contractor

The AHCCCS Population by Health Care Contractor chart summarizes the number of members enrolled by Health Care Contractor. The AHCCCS population is broken down by type of provider and including Acute Care Health Plans, ALTCS Program Contractors, Fee-For-Service, including those enrolled in the American Indian Health Plan (AIHP), and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB).


Population Demographics (This report is issued quarterly.)

Population Demographics offers information on the AHCCCS total breakdown of the population by ethnicity, gender, and age. 


Historical AHCCCS Population as of July 1, Since 1985 (This report is issued annually.)

Previous Reports

If you are looking for previous reports, please visit the AHCCCS Document Archive.


If you have questions about AHCCCS population statistics, please e-mail Patty Dennis at Patty.Dennis@azahcccs.gov.