Minimum Subcontract Provisions

The Minimum Subcontract Provisions (MSPs) are referenced and incorporated into the AHCCCS Provider Participation Agreement as well as AHCCCS Medicaid Contracts, including Intergovernmental Agreements. AHCCCS Contractors’ subcontracts must reference and require compliance with the MSPs.

The MSPs are available at the links provided below:

Summary of changes effective October 1, 2020 – In addition to general corrections to citations throughout:

  • Clarified definition of Subcontract and Subcontractor,
  • Revised Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Prior Authorization and Utilization Management, and Record Retention,
  • Added a provision regarding Dugless Data Reporting,
  • Added provisions as a result of the Report of the Abuse & Neglect Prevention Task Force to Governor Douglas A. Ducey ((November 1, 2019)) developed in response to Executive Order 2019-03), and
    • Adult Protective Services Registry Check
    • Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention
    • Corporate Governance for Providers
  • Removed Certification of Truthfulness of Representation, Limitations on Billing and Collection Practices, and Termination of Subcontract.