Fee-For-Service Health Plans

AHCCCS was implemented on October 1st of 1982 as the nation’s very first statewide health care program aimed at providing medical care for individuals undergoing financial hardship. The Division of Fee-For-Service Management (DFSM) is a division within the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). DFSM serves as the health plan for Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicaid members and reimburses claims for other populations of individuals not enrolled with a contractor.

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Fee for Service (FFS) Preferred Providers

This list includes providers who have confirmed they serve FFS members, which includes members of the American Indian Health Program (AIHP), Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (TRBHA) and Tribal ALTCS members. Its purpose is to aid in referral pathways for Fee for Service members. FFS members may choose any AHCCCS registered provider. To locate AHCCCS registered providers, go to: Provider Listings

If you are an AHCCCS registered provider who wishes to be included on the Preferred Provider list, please email providertrainingffs@azahcccs.gov