Division of Grants and Innovation

The Division of Grants and Innovation (DGI) pursues, implements, and oversees all grants administered by the agency and is responsible for advancing AHCCCS' clinical and quality strategies for Integrated System of Care, the Arizona crisis system, and the AHCCCS Housing Program.

Many of the grants DGI oversees are federal grants, including the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG), the Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG), other federal grants related to prevention and treatment services, as well as discretionary grants including the State Pilot Grant Program for Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women (PPW-PLT), emergency COVID-19 grants, crisis counseling, the State Opioid Response grants.

DGI manages day-to-day federal grant activities, including research and writing, implementation and contract management, and oversight and monitoring.

The DGI Integrated System of Care (ISOC) team is responsible for the oversight of all child and adult behavioral health service provision across all contracted Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s).

The DGI crisis team coordinates activities related to grant implementation, Medicaid and Non-Medicaid related supports for child/adolescent/adult initiatives and advancements throughout the crisis continuum in Arizona.

The DGI Housing Program is responsible for the oversight of the AHCCCS Housing Administrator and the SMI housing programs operated by the ACC-RBHAs. The ISOC, crisis and Housing teams work closely with identified stakeholders, MCOs, and other state entities to ensure contracts, activities, initiatives, and member needs are met through strategic planning and operational oversight.

The DGI finance team manages the daily Non-TXIX and grant financial processes for state appropriated, non-appropriated, and federal grant funds, along with AHCCCS housing projects and requests.

DGI collaborates with other AHCCCS divisions to identify best practices and services for individuals in need of mental health and substance use disorder services.

Grants Currently In Application Process

  • AHCCCS submitted the State Opioid Response (SOR) IV application on July 1, 2024.

Grants Not Under Consideration

  • AHCCCS will not pursue CMS’ funding opportunity under Section 9813 of the ARPA for planning grant to bolster Mobile Crisis Intervention Services. Arizona currently maintains a robust crisis system and has determined that a planning grant is not necessary in order to effectively pursue other funding available under ARPA Mobile Crisis (such as section 9813). AHCCCS intends to leverage the multiple current grant funding avenues to support the Crisis System and 9-8-8, Mental Health Block Grant set aside, and the ARPA MHBG and SABG supplemental submission.

Recent Award Decisions

Current Operational Grants

The Current Grants page lists grants administered by AHCCCS.

Grants At A Glance

Opioid Services Locator

The AHCCCS Opioid Services Locator web application allows providers to register and manage their opioid services locations.

Please note: only ONE request per Agency should be submitted. Once the Agency is approved, then locations may be added. Contact opioidservicelocator-support@azahcccs.gov with any questions.

Block Grant Manual