AHCCCS Tribal Consultation

Tribal Consultation Policy

AHCCCS created and incorporated a tribal consultation policy as a result of the formal direction issued by former Governor Janet Napolitano in 2006. The AHCCCS Tribal Relations Liaison is the point of contact responsible for implementing the policy as necessary and dealing with tribal issues. AHCCCS Tribal Consultation Policy has been implemented on many AHCCCS program and policy changes as a result of the policy.

Tribal Consultation Meeting Schedule

Tribal Consultation Reports

AHCCCS Tribal Consultation Report provides information about the consultation activities that have occurred as a result of the AHCCCS Tribal Consultation Policy. It is used by AHCCCS to communicate progress, changes, and activities to the Governor and the tribes. The 2007 report includes a history of the AHCCCS Tribal Consultation policy, how it was instituted by the state, and when it was adopted by AHCCCS Administration.

NOTE: The 2008 report is incorporated into the AHCCCS Progress Report which is compiled on a quarterly basis for the Governor's Tribal Leaders Roundtable Library