AHCCCS Open Solicitations

Open Solicitations are solicitations for which offers may be submitted.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

YH18-0017 – SMI Eligibility Determination RFP

YH18-0004 – Specialty Pharmacy Services for Anti-Hemophilic and Other Blood Disorder Medications

YH17-0102 – Drug Database Reference Files

YH17-0070 – HIE Onboarding Services

YH19-0001 – AHCCCS Complete Care RFP

YH17-0058 – Quality Measures

Application for Qualified Vendors List (QVL)

YH13-0008 - Transplantation Services Qualified Vendor Contracts

Requests for Information (RFIs)

YH18-0043 – Demographic and Outcomes Data Set User Guide

YH17-0107 – Reimbursement Payment Methodologies for Specialty Pharmacy Services for Anti-Hemophilic Factor and Other Blood Disorder Medications

YH18-0005 – Provider Management System

YH17-0108 - Integrated Contractors – Affiliated Organization Requirement

Requests for Quotes (RFQs)

None at this time.

Task Orders (TO)

Task Orders are limited to current Contractors to which they are directly sent. Task Orders are not open for non-contracted parties to bid. Not all Task Orders will be listed on this site.

YH18-0031 – TO for Provider Network Adequacy Analysis


Questions about Solicitations, Contracts and Purchasing should be directed to Meggan Harley, Chief Procurement Officer: