AHCCCS Open Solicitations

Open Solicitations are solicitations for which offers may be submitted.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

YH23-0093 - Specialty Pharmacy Services for Anti-Hemophilia and Other Blood Disorder Medications RFP HEALTH CARE CONSULTING RFP Statewide Healthcare and Employee Benefit Consulting (BPM005207)

This procurement is being issued and managed by the ADOA State Procurement Office and has been published in the Arizona Procurement Portal ("APP"). This procurement is replacing the current healthcare consulting contracts and contractors should submit a proposal for this RFP in order to continue providing these services after July 1, 2023.

  • Please see the APP website for the solicitation
  • Publish Date: March 22, 2023
  • There will be a Pre-Offer Conference on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 10:00 AM (subject to change, please see APP for all due dates and information on how to attend the conference)
  • Current Proposal Due date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023 by 3:00PM (subject to change, please see APP for all due dates)
  • All questions shall be directed to Renee Uliassi at renee.uliassi@azdoa.gov
YH24-0001 – ALTCS E/PD RFP
  • Coming in August 2023
  • Major Decisions and Updates will be available here: Bidders Library
YH23-0036 - Third Party Liability (TPL) and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Services RFP YH23-0028 Building Connections Peer and Family
  • Due Date: May 23, 2023 by 3:00 PM Arizona time
  • Request for access to the AHCCCS Secure File Share (ASFS) due: May 12, 2023
  • Deadline for Questions: May 3, 2023 by 5:00 PM

FYI -Additional document send via email

YH23-0008 – Secure Behavioral Health Residential Facility (BHRF) RFP

Requests for Information (RFIs)

YH23-0125 - RFI for Housing and Health Opportunities (H2O) Services Third Party Administrator (TPA) YH23-0117 - External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) Activities RFI


Questions about Solicitations, Contracts and Purchasing should be directed to Meggan LaPorte, Chief Procurement Officer:

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