Provider Re-registration Invitation

The Provider Re-registration is a process that requires all active Medicaid providers to take an action within the new AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal (APEP). All active providers are required to validate the data that has been converted into APEP is accurate and up to date.

Providers will receive an invitation by United States Postal Service to validate their data. The re-registration invitation notice will include a 14-digit temporary application ID that is needed to begin the process.

For providers who need to report a modification (change) to their existing provider ID, but who have not received the Provider Re-registration notice, please contact Provider Assistance at (602) 417-7670, option 5, to request the temporary application ID needed to complete the re-registration process.

Provider Re-registration Monthly Invite Plan

What Providers Need to Know About Re-registration

  • Providers will be invited to re-register on a monthly basis by provider type (see the pdf schedule posted above). Please wait for your invitation to complete the process, as you’ll need the temporary ID code to log in.
  • Providers will receive their re-registration invitation by United States Postal Service mail, sent to the correspondence address on file.
  • All active Medicaid providers are required to complete the process.
  • AHCCCS will review the submitted re-registration application and issue a written notice upon completion.
  • The Re-registration Invitation process will not impact the provider’s current status.
  • If the provider fails to respond to the re-registration Invitation they will not be terminated, but will be required to complete the process when they access APEP for the first time.
  • If a provider needs to report a change, but is not scheduled to receive the re-registration notice until a later month, the provider can request the Application ID by contacting Provider Assistance at (602) 417-7670, option 5.
  • Please do not request groups of provider Application IDs. AHCCCS will follow the provider type invitation schedule posted above.