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AHCCCS Enrollment Portal (APEP) Re-registration and Re-validation Requested

November 10, 2021

During the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), AHCCCS adjusted the provider screening requirements in order to maintain our active provider directory and ensure members had continuous access to health care services. AHCCCS also launched the new Provider Enrollment Portal, APEP.

After implementing APEP in August 2020, AHCCCS asked providers to “re-register.” All active providers were asked to create an account in APEP and confirm the data converted into the new portal is accurate and current. AHCCCS has not terminated providers during the PHE for non-compliance with this re-registration process.

Over the past 15 months, providers have received a written invitation by the US Postal Service that includes a temporary 14-digit application ID and instructions to create a user account to access their file. AHCCCS also transitioned away from paper-based updates, and encouraged providers to submit their updates directly into APEP. For many providers who have not completed the re-registration process, the paper update is being returned with instructions to report the update directly into APEP through the re-registration process.

Re-validation is a process that occurs after initial enrollment in which a provider is subjected to the same screening, disclosures, and as applicable, fingerprint-based criminal background check requirements as a new enrollment. It is during the periodic revalidation, a provider shall verify the accuracy of its enrollment information. This process occurs every four years from the initial date of enrollment or last revalidation approval. During the PHE, no re-validations were completed, however all active providers were asked to re-register.

Although we do not know exactly when the PHE will end, AHCCCS is planning for it now. Once it ends, AHCCCS will begin a review of the approved re-registration applications based on the categorical risk level of the provider in accordance with 42 CFR 455.450. For many providers, their approved re-registration application will serve as their completed re-validation. These providers will not be required to complete an application for another four years. Providers that require additional screening requirements based on their provider type, or providers who have not completed their re-registration application will be expected to complete a revalidation application. If a provider does not comply with re-validation requirements, AHCCCS will follow the standard process for terminating enrollment for that provider.

AHCCCS encourages providers who have received their written invitation but have not completed the re-registration process to do so now.

For more information regarding the provider re-registration invitation plan, please visit azahcccs.gov/PlansProviders/APEP/ProviderReRegistrationInvitePlan. Email questions on the plan to APEPTrainingQuestions@azahcccs.gov.

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