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Former Paper Application For Provider Enrollment Eliminated as of July 1,2020

June 5, 2020

As the launch of the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal approaches, the former paper application will no longer be accepted beginning July 1, 2020 and thereafter. On July 1, all new provider enrollment applications, as well as any changes submitted by existing providers must be submitted on the new paper application.

The new Provider Enrollment paper application can be found online on the Provider Enrollment Packet web page.

Once APEP launches, paper applications will no longer be necessary. All new enrollment applications, as well as any changes submitted by existing providers, can be handled electronically in an online portal. APEP will allow providers to:

  • Enroll as an AHCCCS provider
  • Revalidate as an existing AHCCCS provider
  • Update information (such as phone and address)
  • Upload and/or update licenses and certifications

This change from a manual process to the new automated system will streamline and help expedite the provider enrollment process.

If you have questions please contact Provider Assistance at:

1-800-794-6862 (In State - Outside of Maricopa County)

1-800-523-0231 (Out of State)

Implementation updates will be emailed to newsletter subscribers, posted on the AHCCCS Provider Updates web page, and published in the monthly Claims Clues newsletter.

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