Project Aware

Project AWARE is a federal initiative funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to expand the partnership between education and mental health systems at the state and local levels. The Arizona Project AWARE team is a partnership between Arizona Department of Education (ADE), AHCCCS, and six local school districts. Project AWARE is focused on ensuring access to behavioral health services for students by establishing referral pathways and communication between schools, parents, and behavioral health providers. Project AWARE also supports suicide prevention training as required by the Mitch Warnock Act.The Arizona Department of Education provides suicide prevention training for school staff and community members. School staff take priority, but everyone is encouraged to use this Google form to request suicide prevention training.

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There are three ways students in Arizona can get behavioral health services:

  • From AHCCCS, if they qualify. AHCCCS provides comprehensive, cost-effective, health care to Arizonans who meet financial, and in some cases, medical need. Apply online at
  • From the Mental Health Block Grant funding for uninsured or underinsured individuals under the age of 18 who have a qualifying diagnosis that limits functioning in family, school or community activities. Contact the Regional Behavioral Health Authority in your area for additional information.
  • Through Jake’s Law, passed in 2020, which allocated funding for access to Behavioral Health Services in schools for underinsured and uninsured children. Schools can refer students for services. Learn more about Jake’s Law and services for uninsured and underinsured students.

For more information see the Arizona Department of Education Project Aware web page or contact