A Renewal Processes



Revised 07/12/2022


1)    Renewal Processes — No Response Required

When renewing AHCCCS eligibility, information from the prior application and Federal and State electronic data sources are reviewed to see if there is enough information to determine if the customer still qualifies. When there is enough information available to determine that the customer still qualifies for AHCCCS Medical Assistance, even in another category, eligibility is renewed. A renewal approval letter is sent.

The letter shows the information that was used to renew eligibility. It tells the customer to check the information and report anything that has changed or is not correct. If the information used is current and accurate, the customer does not need to take any further action.


2)    Renewal Processes — Response Required

In some cases, eligibility cannot be determined using available information, or the information indicates that the customer no longer qualifies. When this happens, the customer must provide information needed to complete the renewal process.

A renewal letter is sent to the customer. The letter contains the following:

·        A pre-populated renewal form with the most current information available from the last application and any electronic data sources; and

·        A Request for Information describing any proof needed.

The customer must take the following actions:

·        Review the pre-populated renewal form;

·        Identify any incorrect information on the form and enter the corrected information on the form;

·        Provide proof for any information that was corrected;

·        Provide any proof listed in the Request for Information that was sent with the form; and

·        Sign the form and submit the signed renewal form with any proof needed.

The customer has 30 days to complete the renewal and provide any information requested.  The renewal may be completed by mail, by fax, by phone, or in person.  Except for ALTCS customers, renewals can also be completed online in the Health-e-Arizona Plus system.

The following options are available to complete the renewal by phone:

·        A voice signature can be provided.

·        The customer can confirm the information listed on the prepopulated renewal form is correct.

·        The customer may need to provide proof for changes and unverified eligibility factors separately from the call when eligibility staff are unable to get the proof through electronic sources or prior applications.

Customers who do not provide the requested information by the due date will have their eligibility stopped.

When eligibility is stopped for failure to complete the renewal, the customer does not have to submit a new application when:

·        The customer submits the completed renewal form before the date the MA eligibility ends, or

·        The customer submits the completed renewal form within 90 days of the discontinuance date.


3)    Customer Assistance

When needed, Benefits and Eligibility Specialists and other staff will help the customer with the renewal process. Customers may also have someone of their choice help them with the renewal process.  This includes:

·        Going with the customer to the local office;

·        Helping the customer fill out the application; and

·        Representing the customer. 

4)    Customer Cooperation

Customers and their representatives must cooperate in the renewal process.  This includes:

·        Providing information;

·        Reporting changes; and

·        Taking any action needed to qualify for the MA program.

5)    Opportunity to Register to Vote

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 and Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) require that public assistance offices provide applicants and customers with an opportunity to register to vote at the time of renewal.  To meet this requirement, Voter Registration forms are sent to customers with renewal letters. 





Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus)

Arizona’s online application and determination system for AHCCCS Medical Assistance eligibility.


A review of financial and non-financial eligibility factors.


A person appointed by the applicant to act on his or her behalf in the application process


Legal Authority


Legal Authorities

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42 CFR 435.908 and 916

42 CFR 457.340 (KidsCare)