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October 5, 2021

CMS Grants Partial Approval on ARPA HCBS Spending Plan

CMS has granted partial approval of AHCCCS’ Spending Plan, detailing how the agency will use additional federal funding offered under the American Rescue Plan Act to enhance the state’s home and community based services program. The partial approval allows AHCCCS to start taking advantage of the enhanced 10 percent federal match through March 31, 2022 on qualifying home and community-based services identified in Section 9817 of the ARPA.

Prior to implementing the initiatives identified in the spending plan, AHCCCS will work with CMS to resolve the outstanding questions as delineated in their September 28 letter. AHCCCS will provide additional detail to stakeholders as the spending plan approval process progresses and the agency obtains the required expenditure authority from the Arizona State Legislature.

For more information about AHCCCS’ spending plan and CMS’ response, please visit the AHCCCS ARPA webpage.

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