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January 17, 2023

Resources for Reporting Suspicious Activity

AHCCCS reminds enrolled members and the public to report any suspicious activity where health care or residential services, and transportation to these services, are promised. Specifically, the agency is aware of two ongoing targeting activities:

There are many ways to report suspicious activity. AHCCCS works closely with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), the FBI, and local law enforcement to route tips to the correct agency. Use any of these resources to report. There is no “wrong way” to report suspicious activity.

Report Criminal Activity to the FBI

The FBI is seeking information from the public about victims who may have been recruited to live in and receive services in group homes (Behavioral Health Residential Facilities) located in Phoenix, Arizona, between January 2020 to present.

See this news release and questionnaire from the FBI: Seeking Victims in the Phoenix Group Homes Targeting Native Americans Investigation

Report Use of a License Issues to DHS

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) licenses sober living homes (see this Fact Sheet) and behavioral health residential facilities. If you suspect violations at a facility, report it online using the DHS Licensing Complaint Form.

To verify a provider’s license, and view cited deficiencies and corrective action enforcement, see www.azcarecheck.com.

Report Medicaid Fraud

If you are not sure whether your suspicion involves Medicaid fraud, submit it to AHCCCS and we will route it as needed.
Anyone can report provider or member fraud on the Report Fraud web page or by calling:

Report Concerns About Medicaid Services

If any AHCCCS member has a problem getting health care services or has concerns about the quality of services received, please report it to Clinical Quality Management (CQM) using this online form, by calling (602) 417-4885, or by emailing CQM@azahcccs.gov. All submissions are confidential and protected by Arizona State statute.

Check Provider Registration

All providers who provide reimbursable services to AHCCCS members must be registered with AHCCCS. Search for registered providers in this online AHCCCS Provider Listing tool.

What is the American Indian Health Program

AHCCCS members who are American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) have the option to receive their health care coverage from the AHCCCS American Indian Health Program (AIHP).

AIHP is only available to members of federally recognized tribal nations. AIHP members who are enrolled in an American Indian Medical Home have access to a nurse case manager who can help members find health and social services in the state.

AIHP members always have the option to switch their coverage from AIHP to an AHCCCS managed care plan of their choice. See a list of managed care plans. If there is an error in your enrollment, or you wish to switch AHCCCS enrollment, login to www.healthearizonaplus.gov or call 602-417-7100 or 1-800-962-6690. For more information, see the AIHP member handbook.

Behavioral health residential facilities are responsible for helping members arrange non-emergency medical transportation home for members who are discharged. If you need additional assistance in arranging a ride home, please see this list of transportation companies that are approved by tribes. If you do not see your tribe on this list, please contact any of the companies on the list to arrange transportation.

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