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June 12, 2020

Secured Behavioral Health Facility Grant Opportunity Available

The Secured Behavioral Health Facility grant has been published on the State of Arizona Grants and Federal Resources website under the heading “HCA-DBF Procurement.” Grant applications are due July 16. 2020.

The State of Arizona has recognized that the current continuum of treatment and housing settings for persons determined Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI) may not be sufficient in quantity or programmatic structure to address the treatment needs of civilly committed persons who have an SMI determination and who are chronically resistant to treatment. In addition to their mental health conditions, many of these individuals may be dealing with co-occurring conditions including substance use disorders. This population may also experience other challenges including frequent hospitalization, incarceration or legal involvement, or homelessness and housing instability that complicate behavioral health treatment or service plan goals.

To provide treatment with adequate supports to meet the needs of this population, the State of Arizona passed legislation to establish “secure behavioral health residential facilities to provide secure twenty-four-hour on-site supportive treatment and supervision by staff with behavioral health training for persons who have been determined to be seriously mentally ill, who are chronically resistant to treatment for a mental disorder and who are placed in the facility pursuant to a court order issued pursuant to section 36-550.09. A secure behavioral health residential facility may provide services only to persons placed in the facility pursuant to a court order issued pursuant to section 36-550.09 and may not provide services to any other persons on that facility's premises. A secure behavioral health residential facility may not have more than sixteen beds.” (ARS §36-425.06(A)). The statute defines secure as “premises that limit a patient's egress in the least restrictive manner consistent with the patient's court-ordered treatment plan.” (A.R.S.§36-425.06(B)).

The State of Arizona also appropriated $3.5 million in funding (Laws 2019, First Regular Session, Chapter 263) for the construction or rehabilitation of secure behavioral health residential facilities. AHCCCS shall award one or more grants to construct and/or renovate secure behavioral health residential facilities and to operate the facilities.

A Questions and Answers form (Q&A Form) is available on the Forms tab of the grant posting. The Q&A Form is due by 5 p.m., Friday, June 26.

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