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July 10, 2023

Nearly 70% of Medicaid Beneficiaries Renewed in June Kept AHCCCS Coverage

Approximately 25% of disenrolled members have used the 90-day window to complete their renewal

PHOENIX – The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) released its monthly Medicaid renewal data dashboard detailing progress since the regular renewal process began on April 1, 2023.

In the month of June, 67% of the renewals initiated were automatically determined to be eligible to maintain AHCCCS coverage. The automatic, also called exparte, process requires no response from the member and no action from a State employee. Approximately 25% of all individuals who have been disenrolled for not responding to AHCCCS have taken advantage of the 90-day window to finish their renewal.

To date, 41% of the 1,109,967 initiated renewals have maintained coverage, 18% have been discontinued, and 41% are in progress.

Members may be discontinued if they no longer meet income or other eligibility criteria, (called “factual” disenrollment) or if their renewal is incomplete (called “procedural” disenrollment). The number of procedural disenrollments includes members who are factually ineligible, but who didn’t respond to the agency’s requests to verify income. Of the 18% who have been discontinued, 21% were factually ineligible and 79% were procedurally ineligible.

However, of the procedurally ineligible to date:

Procedurally disenrolled members may have health care coverage from other sources, like employer-based insurance, or may have moved out of state without updating their contact information with AHCCCS.

Since returning to the regular renewal process in April, AHCCCS and the Department of Economic Security (DES) have sent over 1 million notifications to members by text, email, phone call, and written letter about the renewal process.

See the June AHCCCS renewal dashboard on the Renewals web page.

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