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May 3, 2024

AHCCCS Unveils New Agency Structure, Grows Leadership Team
Five new divisions created to address agency goals

PHOENIX - The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) announces a new reorganized structure of the agency’s leadership teams, effective April 15, 2024. Since Cabinet Executive Officer Carmen Heredia took the helm more than a year ago, the agency has transformed into a very different agency today.

“We must continue to build upon our successes and develop depth within our leadership teams to continue to navigate the challenges ahead,” said CEO Heredia. “We are dedicated to evolving this agency to meet the needs of the more than two million Arizonans we serve, and ensuring we accomplish our goals around providing access to safe, equitable, high-quality care to all members.”

Clinical Operations

Our Clinical Operations, led by Dr. Sara Salek, will include two new positions: Assistant Deputy Director of Clinical Operations and Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

Alisa Randall is the new Assistant Deputy Director of Clinical Operations and also the State’s designated Mental Health Commissioner, overseeing Arizona’s crisis system, behavioral health network, housing programs, federal grants, and managed care delivery system.

Alisa will oversee the former Division of Health Care Services (DHCS) which will now be two separate divisions, each led by an Assistant Director. The Division of Managed Care Services (DMCS) will be led by Jakenna Lebsock and the Division of Managed Care Compliance (DMCC) will be led by Christina Quast.

The Clinical Resolution Unit and the Policy and Contracts teams will move to the new Division of Managed Care Compliance. The former Division of Grants & Innovation (DGI) is also changing its name to the Division of Behavioral Health & Housing (DBHH) to more accurately reflect the work of these teams, and will include the Office of Human Rights and Justice-Involved initiatives.

A new Deputy Chief Medical Officer will oversee pharmacy, dental, and clinical project management programs, and will be recruited in the coming months.

Communications, Community Engagement, and Regulatory Affairs

The Communications, Community Engagement, and Regulatory Affairs teams, led by Deputy Director Marcus Johnson, continue to grow. Under his leadership, the state legislative and federal relations teams are now aligned under an Assistant Director of the new Division of Public Policy & Strategic Planning (DPPSP), which also includes the Office of Continuous Improvement, to focus on agency strategic planning work.

The Division of Community Advocacy and Intergovernmental Affairs (DCAIR) will evolved into the new Division of Community Health & Engagement (DCHE), which will include the Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA), the Tribal Relations team, and a new Chief of Population Health position that will advance the agency’s health equity goals.

Business Operations

Business Operations, led by Deputy Director Kristen Challacombe, will add two new positions: Assistant Deputy Director of Business Operations and a Chief Compliance Office. Kasey Rogg, the agency’s Chief Legal Officer and interim General Counsel, has been promoted to this new Assistant Deputy Director role and will continue to oversee the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and Office of Inspector General (OIG) as well as the new Chief Compliance Officer once that position is filled. The Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel positions will be recruited in the coming months.

This agency reorganization also includes the development of a more robust Division of Fee for Service Management (DFSM), that continues to build on our community engagement strengths, and ensures program integrity and compliance.

AHCCCS leadership fully supports Governor Hobbs’ dedication to running an efficient and effective government, and believes these changes will bring better efficiency, oversight, and health outcomes for the populations AHCCCS services.

Visit AHCCCS’ About Us web page for the AHCCCS 3.0 organizational chart.

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