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October 26, 2017

Crisis Services, Peer Support Systems, and Increased Awareness of Stigma of Mental Illness Underscore Arizona’s Behavioral Health Services

PHOENIX, AZ – Mental Health America (MHA) publishes an annual analysis of the “State of Mental Health in America” and this year, as in last year’s report, the organization ranks Arizona poorly in terms of overall access to behavioral health care – a position that AHCCCS categorically disputes.

The MHA report fails to consider comprehensive data sources that would present a more complete picture of Arizona’s behavioral health system. Additionally, the report disregards critical components of behavioral health care delivery including Arizona’s nationally-recognized crisis network and a cadre of trained peer support specialists. In discussion with MHA, AHCCCS provided additional data and outlined exemplary work being done across the state. For example:

Mental health is integral to overall wellness. Arizona continues to make strides in creating responsive behavioral health care system. One key to success is access to care at the moment of need. Be it crisis response, ongoing mental health treatment, or peer support systems, Arizona is committed to meeting the mental health needs of its citizens.

AHCCCS Letter to MHA, March 31, 2017

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