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Dec. 19, 2023

Targeted Investment Team Receives ASU President’s Award for Social Embeddedness

PHOENIX – On Dec. 7, the AHCCCS Targeted Investments team and their partners in the ASU College of Health Solutions received the ASU President’s Medal for Social Embeddedness for their collaborative work to improve health equity and outcomes for Medicaid enrollees.

The Targeted Investments Program Quality Improvement Collaborative is a partnership with the ASU College of Health Solutions to support AHCCCS providers who participate in the Targeted Investments Program and receive incentive payments for achieving quality measures over a 5-year period.

In its first 5-year cycle from 2017-2023, the Targeted Investments program incentivized 17 hospital systems, more than 570 primary care and behavioral health clinics, five law enforcement agencies, and more than 2,000 physicians and behavioral health experts to meet health equity and outcome milestones.

The Targeted Investments Program Quality Improvement Collaborative helps participating providers manage and improve their performance on incentivized measures. The ASU team established TIPQIC in 2019, and provided support to TI participating providers in Years 4-6 of the first cycle of Targeted Investments program. Over the next 6 years, the TIPQIC will continue to support providers as they address health related social needs and health inequities as part of the TI 2.0 program.

At the award ceremony, Arizona State University President Michael Crow said, “In Arizona, we’re still in the bottom third of states in terms of our health outcomes. During the pandemic, we ranked second in per capita deaths for lots of different reasons, all of which are exemplars of the problems that we have. (This team) is helping us figure out how to attack this problem.”

IT Team at ASU Award Ceremony
Credit: ASU News, photo by Tim Trumble
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