American Indians Have Choices

FAQs for American Indian members

Eligible American Indians currently have a choice of using managed care or the AHCCCS fee for service program called the American Indian Health Program (AIHP).

Today, most members enrolled in AIHP are also enrolled in a second health plan through a Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) or Tribal RBHA for behavioral health services.

Effective on October 1, 2018, American Indian members will have the choice of integrated care: AIHP or an AHCCCS Complete Care (“ACC”) health plan. AIHP members will also be able to choose care coordination through a TRBHA (when available).


AIHP will provide integrated physical and behavioral health services for most eligible American Indian adults and children. AIHP will also pay for services related to a Children’s Rehabilitative Services condition.


American Indian members can also choose to change enrollment between AIHP or the AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) Plan at any time. However, a member can only change from one ACC Plan to another one time per year.

American Indian members may continue to choose to receive services at any time from an IHS facility, or a tribally owned or operated organization.

American Indian members who are determined to be Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI) will receive services from the RBHA but can also still choose AIHP or ACC for physical health services. These members who currently receive services with the TRBHA will stay the same. There is no change in service delivery or choice.


The crisis system will remain the same. Additionally, health plans for the following populations will not change:

  • Children in the state foster care system on CMDP
  • American Indian members enrolled with the Department of Economic Security DD program (including members determined to be SMI)
  • American Indian members in ALTCS (including members determined to be SMI)

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