ICD-10 Updates, Technical Consortiums and Related Documentation

The ICD10 Project was implemented by AHCCCS on schedule on 10/1/2015.

Information related to the ICD10 Project including scheduled Technical Consortium Meetings and related materials, and general ICD10 Project updates is provided below, including materials for historical reference. Although this project is now implemented this page may continue to be updated as needed so please continue to refer to it for updates.

ICD-10 Overview

ICD-10 replaced the ICD-9 coding for the classification of disease or health condition, symptoms, and causes, used by hospitals, providers, and others, and is required to be implemented for outpatient dates of service or inpatient dates of discharge on and after 10/1/2015.


AHCCCS will continue to support ongoing testing needs for Trading Partners related to the ICD10 project as outlined on Testing Overview below.

Questions and Ongoing Technical Assistance

Any questions related to the AHCCCS ICD10 project should be directed to Lori Petre at lori.petre@azahcccs.gov

HIPAA Provider/Clearinghouse ICD-10 Consortium Initiative Related Information

HIPAA Health Plan/Program Contractor ICD-10 Consortium Meeting Documents and Other Initiative Related Information

Date Documents
5/7/2014 ICD10 Project Milestones - Revised 5-14
1/27/2014 Encounters Transaction Testing - Update 1/23/2013
1/10/2014 Encounters Transaction Testing
Testing Calendar
11/13/2012 Updated ICD 10 Project Milestones
11/19/2012 No Consortium Scheduled until after 1/1/13; Current information will be posted here as it becomes available.
11/21/2012 ICD 10 Project Milestones
11/21/2012 Core Overview
11/21/2012 National Health Plan Id Overview