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Below are stories, written comments and links to live testimonials about how health insurance has impacted the lives of Arizonans from across the state.

Live Testimonials from Uninsured Childless Adults

Childless adults without health insurance and their families tell their stories about how being uninsured has had an impact on their lives.

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Featured Stories

AHCCCS has highlighted a variety of stories shared by individuals, families and friends, and providers.

Featured Stories as of 2/7/13

Previous Public Input

Throughout 2012 and 2013, AHCCCS has hosted a variety of stakeholder efforts to obtain public input about the coverage of Childless Adults, the Future of Arizona’s Medicaid Program and the Governor's Restoration plan. Over 400 people have attended multiple Community Forums across the state and over 300 written comments have been received to date. Below are links to summaries of each Community Forum held and all of the written comments.

Public Meeting Summary
Childless Adults Written Comments
AZ Future Comments
Restoration Written Comments

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