Crisis Counseling Immediate Services Program (ISP)


On June 3, 2020, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded a Crisis Counseling Immediate Services Program (ISP) grant to AHCCCS. The grant funds will provide crisis counseling services to the general public who have been affected by the COVID-19 emergency with specific focus on healthcare workers, youth, families, those 65 and older and tribal communities. Individual and group counseling services will be available and public service announcements will be generated to notify the public in how to access services. AHCCCS is working with the Crisis Response Network to implement the crisis counseling program and the following partner agencies will also be involved and provide services; Crisis Preparation and Recovery, EMPACT, La Frontera, RI International, The Guidance Center and the Family Involvement Center. These organizations may use the crisis counseling funding for individual and group counseling, telehealth services, assessments and referrals to resources to meet the needs of the citizens of Arizona.

Between June, July, and August, AHCCCS received an additional $2.4 million in federal grant funding extensions that will continue crisis counseling services for Arizonans affected by COVID-19 through September 2, 2020. AHCCCS was awarded the Regular Services Program (RSP) funding to continue crisis counseling services after the ISP funding period (See Regular Services Program on the AHCCCS Grants homepage for additional information).

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