Opioid Treatment Program Reports

AHCCCS registered Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) are required to submit annual reports by November 15th of each year. New OTPs are required to submit reports prior to being eligible to receive AHCCCS reimbursement.

Any report posted by zip code below are for new OTPs opened after November 15, 2022. Click on the zip code hyperlink to access the OTP report. If the zip code is not hyperlinked, then no report has been submitted for that area.

AHCCCS shall notify each city or town in which an OTP is located of the posted report and allow the city or town thirty days to provide comments on the report. AHCCCS shall consider the city's or town's comments on the report and approve or reject the annual report within thirty days after the close of the comment period. The comment period for each report is identified with the report submission. Comments on any of the posted reports can be directed to your local city or town office or directly to AHCCCS to the Grants Management mailbox at GrantsManagement@azahcccs.gov. Questions may also be sent to the Grants Management mailbox.