Annual Requirements

Year 1: October 2022 - September 2023

Onboarding/Application: All interested PCP and BH organizations and ICs, regardless of TI 1.0 participation, have the opportunity to submit an application through an AHCCCS Online portal and upload specified documents to meet application requirements by 9/30/2023. Notification of application approval will be sent by 12/29/2023. Eligible provider applicants will earn Year 1 incentive payments for successfully completing the application requirements. Visit the Application Requirements webpage to review eligibility requirements.

Year 2: October 2023 - September 2024

Develop and Implement Process/Procedures & Meet Performance Measure Targets: Participants will earn Year 2 incentives by developing processes and procedures related to TI 2.0 initiatives. AHCCCS will validate minimum elements required to meet the processes and procedures requirement. Participants will also be required to meet performance measure targets for specific milestones. Performance measures have not been selected for TI and will be announced prior to the start of Year 2 of TI 2.0.

TI organizations can expect to participate in Quality Improvement Collaborative sessions (QICs) and Quality Improvement Workgroups (QIWs) led by the Arizona State University (ASU) Targeted Investments Program Improvement Collaborative (TIPIC) team. Each session will bring AHCCCS, ASU, MCOs, CBOs, and other stakeholders together to discuss challenges and share best practices for TI 2.0 policies and procedures. Although attendance requirements are still being finalized, participating organizations can expect to send two representatives (1 clinical, 1 administrative) to the mandatory in-person kickoff event in February 2024.

Year 3: October 2024 - September 2025

Demonstrate Process/Procedures AND Meet Performance Measure Targets: Participants will demonstrate that the procedures and processes developed in TI 2.0 Year 2 have been successfully implemented. This will be demonstrated through self-audit relative to an AHCCCS established target with supporting documentation submitted for validation. Each participant’s incentive payments are determined by the processes and procedures associated with each passed milestone. For additional Year 3 incentives, eligible participants must meet or exceed a performance measure target communicated at the beginning of the program year as a continuation of the Year 2 performance measure(s).

Year 4: October 2025 - September 2026 & Year 5: October 2026 - September 2027

Performance Measurement: Year 4 and Year 5 performance measures will be selected in Year 3 to adopt the newest and most aligned measures with steward-backed criteria related to TI 2.0 initiatives.