The TI 2.0 application will be available via AHCCCS Online beginning summer of 2023. Before the application becomes available, we encourage prospective participants to complete the checklist below.

  1. Review TI 2.0 eligibility criteria and prepare required documentation,
  2. Confirm that clinics under your organization’s TIN have an EHR system capable of bi-directional data exchange with the HIE (Contexture),
  3. Confirm that you have an AHCCCS Online Account by checking access to the TI Portal,
  4. Complete the Provider Interest Form, and
  5. Sign up for the Newsletter to be notified when the portal is available and other important updates.

EHR Requirement

Contexture recently announced that they will be adopting a new platform in 2025. The TI 2.0 Program applicants will be required to meet one of the following:


The TI 2.0 application portal will only be visible to individuals who have an AHCCCS Online account. Prior to beginning the application process, applicants need to confirm that they have an AHCCCS Online account with access to the TI Portal. TI Portal access must be granted by Master Account holders.