Consistent with prior years, each participating site must submit attestation in order to be paid for any passed milestones in the year. Although participants do not need to submit attestation for performance-measure milestones (milestone attainment is calculated later), attestation must be submitted for other milestones to confirm ongoing participation. Non-Hospital participants must submit an attestation for QIC attendance and IPAT score. Hospital participants must submit an attestation for the QIC attendance, only.

Connect to the TI Attestation Portal

If you created an individual AHCCCS Online account, the master account holder for your provider number must activate your account before you can log in. The master account holder will also grant access to the Targeted Investments Program tab. If you created a master account for yourself, you must wait for your authentication code to be mailed to you via postal mail.

If you don't have an active AHCCCS Online account, access the AHCCCS Online website to register.

Attestation and Document Validation Process

TI Participants must attest that each site has (or has not) fulfilled the requirements of each milestone, each year. Milestone requirements vary by Area of Concentration and Program Year. For additional details, select the participating Area of Concentration (colored buttons) at the top of the TI Homepage.

TI participants must submit attestation for each site in order to be paid for any passed milestones each year.

Individuals must access the AHCCCS Online Portal to submit attestation. Please note that Master Accounts are locked after 90 days of inactivity; Individual Accounts are deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Register at AHCCCS Online for a new account.

TI Participants were required to upload supporting documents for many of the Year 2 & 3 Milestones through the TI attestation and document validation portal. AHCCCS compared submitted documents to the corresponding validation criteria. TI Year 2 and Year 3 resources can be found under Plans and Providers → Targeted Investments on the AHCCCS Archive Page.

It is strongly recommended that TI participants keep all information related to the TI program for a period of seven years after the program ends due to the potential for post-pay audit. If you have questions, please email us at:

Attestation Demonstrations

This video demonstrates how to submit attestation and upload documents into the portal. These steps apply to program years 2-6.