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Contexture - The State Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Health Current, Arizona’s HIE, in 2020 merged with Colorado’s largest HIE, CORHIO, under a new parent company: Contexture. Contexture maintains “Health Current” as Arizona’s arm of the new company while enabling the exchange of health information between the two states. Learn more about connecting to the HIE and receiving Health Current guidance.

Contexture Assistance with Patient Data

The ability to receive current information about your patients from Contexture can greatly assist with coordinating care, as well as help with meeting milestone performance measures. However, the amount of incoming information can be overwhelming.

Each Contexture participant has an account manager. They are available to work with TI providers to identify the specific data needed to make the bi-directional information received from Contexture actionable, customize the preferred workflow for receiving or monitoring the alerts/data, and highlight information that ties to the TI performance measures.

Contact your Contexture account manager to learn more.