AHCCCS Provider Reenrollment 
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Provider Revalidation

A provider is required to revalidate or renew enrollment of their provider id periodically to maintain Medicaid billing privileges. In general, providers are required to revalidate every four years. AHCCCS also reserves the right to request off-cycle revalidations.

As part of the revalidation process the provider is subject to the same screening and disclosures captured during the initial enrollment. Additionally, based on provider type the process could include an enrollment fee, site visit, and fingerprint criminal background check required as a part of the screening requirements.

The provider will receive written notification when it’s time to revalidate. This notification could be received through USPS mail or Email based upon the correspondence method selected in APEP. The provider will have 45 days to submit the application. It’s important to adhere to the due date outlined in the request to avoid termination, billing privileges, and access to the AHCCCS Online Portal.

For additional questions regarding revalidation, contact APEPTrainingQuestions@azahcccs.gov or Provider Assistance (602)417-7670 option 5

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