Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Copayments

Effective April 1, 2012, certain AHCCCS members* will have a $2.00 mandatory copayment for taxi services per one-way trip. AHCCCS members who will have mandatory copayments for taxi services beginning April 1, 2012 are Childless Adults* who:

  • reside in Maricopa and Pima Counties, and
  • are aged 19 and older, and
  • are enrolled in an AHCCCS Health Plan

*Childless Adults (also known as AHCCCS Care) or the “TWG (Title XIX Waiver Group) Population.”]

Providers impacted by this mandatory copayment include those who provide transportation via a "taxi," which is defined as a vehicle that has been issued a taxi special license plate pursuant to A.R.S. § 28-2515.

Information for Providers

Mandatory copayments permit providers to deny services to members who do not pay the $2.00 copayment. The $2.00 copayment will be charged each time a taxi is called. If a taxi waits for a member, e.g., while the member picks up a prescription, then a $2.00 co-pay cannot be charged for the continuation of the one-way trip. Payments to providers will be reduced by the amount of a member’s copayment obligation regardless of whether or not the provider successfully collects the mandatory copayment.

Provider Memo 2/14/12

Regulatory Updates

Proposed changes to the 1115 Waiver and Arizona Administrative Code are posted here.

Information for Members

Information for Members

Members should contact their health plans for additional information about their cost sharing requirements.

Additional questions can be e-mailed to

Information for Providers