Training/Education for the Targeted Investments Program

Below you will find training modules and educational resources for all Areas of Concentration in the TI Program. Please reference the color tabs on the TI Program home page to view training modules and educational resources in your particular Area of Concentration.

Targeted Investments Webinars

Adult Behavioral Health webinar

Targeted Investments Adult PCP webinar

TI Document Review Criteria-Peds BH-20180717 1931-1 (1)

Targeted Investment Pediatrics PCP webinar

Targeted Investments Hospital Participant Webinar

Upcoming Training /Education Opportunities:

If you are a TI Pediatric Behavioral Health participant provider and would like to have your staff trained to use the Early Child Service Intensity Instrument (ECSII) to treat children 0- 5 for trauma, please click here to learn more about this opportunity