Integration of Health Care Service Delivery: Targeted Investments Program - Justice

Through its Targeted Investments (TI) Program, AHCCCS supports participating providers in moving toward more integrated and coordinated care. The program aims to reduce fragmentation between physical and behavioral health providers, increase efficiencies in integrated service delivery, and improve health outcomes for targeted populations. The TI Program has incentivized requirements aimed at building the necessary infrastructure to enable an integrated and high-performing health care delivery system that enhances care coordination and improves health and financial outcomes. Targeted populations include adults and children with behavioral health needs who are at high risk for complex care, including justice-involved individuals.

Justice Involved Individuals
Recognizing the unique circumstances and needs of this population, in addition to incentivizing integrated care within traditional clinic settings, the TI Program supported the establishment of 13 co-located, integrated clinics where primary care and behavioral health providers deliver services to justice-involved individuals. The co-located clinics are located with, or adjacent to, probation and/or parole offices that collaborate with providers to meet the members’ health and social needs. The co-located justice clinics prioritize access to appointments for individuals with complex health conditions, with a specialized focus on ensuring that this population has same-day access to appointments on the day of release and during visits to a probation or parole office. AHCCCS non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) coverage for medically necessary services available at these clinics offers the added benefit of supporting members’ ability to keep appointments with probation and parole officers thus contributing to efforts to reduce recidivism. Learn more about the TI program.

AHCCCS encourages anyone on probation or parole in Arizona to seek out Medicaid health care services, including help with physical and behavioral health issues (e.g., substance use disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.), housing assistance, employment assistance, and more.

View video testimonials from TI Justice participants who received care from an AHCCCS Targeted Investments integrated health clinic in Arizona.