Arizona is submitting a state plan amendment to create an Alternative Payment Methodology for 638 facilities which opt into registering as 638 FQHCs. This Alternative Payment Methodology would reimburse 638 FQHCs the OMB rate for all FQHC services. More information regarding the 638 FQHC SPA, can be found below.

Tribal Consultation

AHCCCS consulted with tribes regarding the 638 FQHC SPA on January 11, 2018. Below is a link to more information regarding the 01/11/2018 Tribal Consultation.

Tribal Consultation 01/11/2018

DRAFT State Plan Amendment and Public Comment Period

The DRAFT SPA can be found on the link below:

Public notice was posted on January 11, 2018 and comments are being accepted through February 26, 2018. Comments can be submitted through email or mail at the address below.

Email: publicinput@azahcccs.gov


Attn: Office of Intergovernmental Relations
801 E. Jefferson St., MD 4200
Phoenix, AZ 85034