IHS/638 Specialty Drugs SPA


Arizona is submitting a state plan amendment to establish a new reimbursement methodology for specialty drugs dispensed at IHS/638 facilities. Drugs on the Specialty drug list would be reimbursed with a professional fee plus the lesser of the federal Supply Schedule Unite Price or Wholesale Acquisition Cost. IHS/638 facilities will need to utilize the National Council for Prescription Drug Adjudication Standard to claim reimbursement. More information regarding the IHS/638 Specialty Drugs SPA, can be found below.

Tribal Consultation

AHCCCS consulted with tribes regarding the IHS/638 Specialty Drugs SPA on January 11, 2018. Below is a link to more information regarding the 1/11/18 Tribal Consultation.

Tribal Consultation 01/11/2018

DRAFT State Plan Amendment and Public Comment Period

The DRAFT SPA can be found on the link below:

Public notice was posted on January 11, 2018 and comments are being accepted through February 26, 2018. Comments can be submitted through email or mail at the address below.

Email: publicinput@azahcccs.gov


Attn: Office of Intergovernmental Relations
801 E. Jefferson St., MD 4200
Phoenix, AZ 85034