AHCCCS Contractor Operations Manual (ACOM)

Information Regarding COVID-19

In response to Medicaid-related questions from providers and contractors arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, AHCCCS has developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) which is updated regularly. It is important to note that there are instances where the information presented in the CMS-approved flexibilities and COVID-19 FAQs does not align with provisions set forth by the AHCCCS Contractor Operations Manual (ACOM). In these instances the CMS-approved flexibilities and FAQs take precedence and are controlling.


 Name Change

Effective April 1, 2021 Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program (CMDP) will be changing to Comprehensive Health Plan (CHP). AHCCCS is in the process of revising all pertinent documents to reflect the new name.

The purpose of the ACOM is to consolidate and provide ease of access to the Administrative, Claims, Financial, and Operational Policies of the AHCCCS Administration. The ACOM Manual provides information to Contractors and subcontractors who are delegated responsibilities under a contract. The ACOM should be referenced in conjunction with State and Federal regulations, other Agency manuals, and applicable contracts.

 How to Submit Public Comments

ACOM and AMPM Policies and related materials that have been opened for review/revisions and will serve to provide Tribal Consultation Notification and Public Comment can be found at the below location. This location allows stakeholders to review and submit comments regarding proposed revisions. The Policies will be open for comment for not more than 45 days unless otherwise stipulated. Should an expedited time period be utilized, the expedited time period will not be less than two weeks. The comment deadline will be specified on each document.

Tribal Consultation Notification and Public Comment

To view ACOM Policies, select Policy from the ACOM Table of Contents below.

Policies with Changes that include revisions due to CMDP Integration of Behavioral Health Services

Pursuant to Laws 2019, 1st Regular Session, Chapter 305, behavioral health services for children in DCS custody were anticipated to transition from the RBHA Contractors to DCS/ CMDP effective October 1, 2020. However, this implementation has been delayed. Revisions that have already been completed for ACOM and AMPM Policies and Attachment(s), related to this anticipated integration [listed in document provided below], will remain in the impacted policies but will not be applicable until such time that CMDP behavioral health service integration is implemented. Revisions unrelated to the integration of behavioral health services for CMDP members; will continue to be effective October 1, 2020.


  • 301 - ALTCS EPD Program Tiered Reconciliation
  • 301 CYE 18 - ALTCS EPD Program Prospective Reconciliation
  • 302 CYE 14 through 18, PPC Reconciliation-Acute Care and CMDP Contractors
  • 302A CYE 11 through 18 - PPC Reconciliation - ALTCS EPD Contractors
  • 303 - Home and Community Based Services Reconciliation- ALTCS

  • 304 - Premium Tax Reporting
  • 305 - Performance Bond and Equity Per Member Requirements
  • 306 - Alternative Payment Model Initiative - Withhold and Quality Measure Performance Incentive
  • 307 - Alternative Payment Model Initiative - Strategies and Performance-Based Payments Incentive
  • 308 - Reconciliation of Title XIX Behavioral Health Prior Period Coverage Expenses for RBHAs
  • 310 - Delivery Supplement Payment

  • 311 - ACC Program Tiered Reconciliation
  • 311 CYE 14-18 - Acute Program Tiered Prospective Reconciliation
  • 312 CYE 14 through 18 - Children's Rehabilitative Services Program Tiered Reconciliation
  • 314 - Auto-Assignment Algorithm

  • 317 - Change in Contractor Organizational Structure
  • 320 - Health Insurance Provider Fee
  • 321 - Payment Reform E-Prescribing
  • 323 - Regional Behavioral Health Authorities Title XIX/XXI Reconciliation and Non-Title XIX/XXI Profit Limit
  • 324 - Targeted Investments Program

  • 325 - Access to Professional Services Initiative and Reconciliation
  • 326 - Fixed Administrative Cost Component Reconciliation for ACC
  • 327 - Pediatric Services Initiative

  • 330 - Access to Professional Services Initiative